Caterer Lorient, Flavours of the World

LORIENT has been specialising for fifteen years in the discovery of the land of flavours and party dishes. Its knowledge of flavour associations, its taste for innovation and its sense of the perfect touch will make you appreciate the thousand and one colours and perfumes that are given to each event by a delicate feeling of personality and a pinch of memory, which make each gastronomical creation unforgettable

Parties, cocktail parties, receptions, important diners or events, finger lunches, picnics, cold or hot food, tastings… Lorient creates at each event an ode to flavour, a celebration of the good, the delicious, and the pleasure of tasting.

Our concept is built on freshness and a sense of craftsmanship, and our menus have the sole vocation of delighting palates at convivial, festive or official meetings, from 15 to 1,500 guests.

Events Caterer Lorient offers you a journey on the highways of a cuisine where imagination is a legacy, inspired by the riches of the world’s culinary heritage, and enhanced by a demand for service and decoration worthy of your dreams and your desires.

Caterer Lorient, it’s so simple to enjoy…

For your event, prestige dinner, walking dinner, cocktail party, cocktail dinner buffet, lunch-conference, evening with friends (chef in your home), or your parties, weddings, family celebrations, birthdays … we suggest chosen formulas, flexible but with the exclusive quality and authentic inspiration that we always guarantee. We express your wishes from the plate to the service, without forgetting a decoration worthy of your expectations, and of the atmosphere that you would like to create around your event.

We establish with you that which will express your intention, and the unique aspect of your event, with a choice of venue, environment and flavours especially designed according to your expectations and your budget.

Contact us for planning the success of your party or your meeting together, and for choosing what your guests will keep as their most agreeable memory.

They trust us…

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